What is the projected timeline for Conference integration and launch from date of partnership agreement signature?

The scale of this activation is no small task, but the good news is, we’re no stranger to launching multiple programs quickly with major brands and universities. 

Since the beginning of our NFT ecosystem development in September 2020, we’ve strategically planned for a scalable technology, approach, and team. From content to collaboration, we’ve built a plan and roadmap that we’re confident gives you the fastest path to launch.

Uniquely qualified for efficient, speedy launches

Launch Timeline

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Q3 2021

✔ Complete Software

The Rare Goods platform launched last year with the Calgary Flames. We can launch your platform in three weeks.

Q3 2021

✔ Passed SEC & FinCEN Requirements

Q4 2021

Secured NIL Partnerships

We have deals with BrandR and Inflncr. We are in conversations with OpenDorse to clear all athlete rights.

Q1 2022

Launch first University NFT Programs

7+ universities are launching NFT activations through our platform in the coming months.

March 18 2022

Catapult Conference NFT Contract Secured

April 2022

Project Kickoff Meetings

April 2022

Branded site and content templates presented to teams

June 2022

Fan³ Launch with NFT Pre-sales

To get fans engaged and revenue flowing early, we will launch our Fan³ sweepstakes system with presales for NFTs to begin registering users, kick off revenue and engage fans.

August 1, 2022

Official Launch and NFT Drops

Prior to the first games of the season, we will be live with incredible content from every school.

This isn't our first major launch
In September 2020, we scaled from 8 to 75 collegiate clients on our FanCutouts system. We know what it takes to move quickly and intelligently with major universities.

The Rare Goods approach to this opportunity includes leveraging our partnerships, production capabilities, and expertise outside of NFTs to create more content and value for you. We currently support several Universities and have relationships with many of the key stakeholders who will also run point on NFTs allowing us to move quickly as a trusted partner, while also understanding the complexities, restrictions, and nuances of working with major Universities and Conferences.  Not only will we maximize the opportunity of your licensed game footage, but we will also use our team and resources to create original content on behalf of the Catapult schools to supplement drop timelines and strategic offerings, creating more revenue and opportunities.

Our team of experts will work hand in hand with the conference to determine the best release structures and strategies for drops over the next 36 months. We are confident that a successful launch can happen this summer. 

While we understand that a detailed roadmap for each school would require individual meetings with the university staff and marketing departments, we have developed key elements for a successful launch of this scale. Namely, Fan Engagement, Strategic Methodology and Deployment, and University Calendar. These three key components combine to create a release plan that maximizes impact and sales. 

For Fan Engagement, we have developed a scaled “Fan 3.0 Program” that will market and drop pre-sales to fans of each school. This drop will also communicate the scale and vision for the launch in a way that grabs the public’s attention and energizes the fan base ready to claim their unique piece in the University’s history. Each university will have a microsite that explains the outline of the drop, bread crumbs on what to expect, invite people to create an account, and above all purchase early premium access to the NFT drops or even purchase access to select NFTs offered exclusively through the pre-sale and not in the drop itself. Data gathered in Fan 3.0 will be used to influence the drop campaigns as a whole. This also begins an early revenue stream into the project.

Rare Goods will couple Fan Engagement with Strategic Methodology and Deployment plans drawn in conjunction with marketing milestones for the conference as a whole and with the individual universities. These plans will include discussions and decisions made on the best deployment strategy and best practices observed in the NFT space. During this process, we will couple proven methods for NFT releases with university-specific needs and desires to ensure a smooth and successful initial drop campaign and campaigns over the next three years. 

The third signpost in a successful NFT campaign is having an intimate knowledge of each university’s culture and rhythms. Each school calendar is full of key dates, deep traditions, events, anniversaries, unspoken and unwritten rules that govern the ebbs and flows during the year. Our team has been working with universities for the last decade to understand these vital details in a school’s operations. Although much of this will be accomplished in Q1 and Q2, ongoing data capture will help inform the campaigns coming in 2023 & 2024. 

Below is a general breakdown of what to expect considering the above ideas and other standard practices. 


Q1 – Strategy and Release Structure 

  • The main landing page where users can search for NFT’s and/or mint them across/onto the Polygon blockchain.
  • An auctions page where all currently running auctions are listed.
  • An inventory page where all numbers owned by the current user are listed.
  • A collections page where themed or groups NFTs can be sold as a group.
  • Weekly meetings with the conference and Catapult to determine the release structure (Design and Content Details) along with strategic method for the drops.
  • Weekly meetings with university strategists and staff to determine key dates, milestones, and events in order to coordinate a highly successful campaign.
  • Finalize “Fan 3.0” drop for each university where fans sign up, execute presales, and run KYC on all participants. 
  • Testing and designing the visuals around each NFT to increase perception and value.
  • Training for Rare Goods Client Portal for each university. 
  • Work with our partners at BrandR and Inflncr (and soon OpenDorse) to clear athlete’s rights.

Q2 – Historical Content Selection and Minting, Finalize Player Agreements, Finalize Marketing Plan, and Testing

  • Launch Fan 3.0 where fans sign up and purchase pre-sales, measure engagement, collect data, and initiate revenue stream. 
  • Begin minting the initial content to be released from your conference through the platform. 
  • Templatize Smart Contracts – Setup Team NFT Wallet(s).
  • Finalize deals with BrandR, Inflncr, etc to secure royalty payouts.
  • Minting of NFTs from universities and finalize release schedules for Q3 2022.
  • Weekly meetings with each school surrounding their marketing plan, implementation method/s, and necessary data points.
  • Final approval of drop schedule for each school. 

Q3 – Launch Video Moments and Highlights

  • Primary Drop schedule implemented in coordination with each school strategy and marketing teams.
  • Data collection and weekly reports given to each school.
  • Begin fan engagement and feedback sampling.
  • Begin making any decided adjustments per school based on initial launch and data points collected.
  • Secondary Drop schedule implemented in coordination with each school strategy and marketing teams.
  • Begin monthly payouts from primary and secondary markets to all parties.
  • Weekly meetings regarding Special Release Content, Bowl Series, Conference Championship, and College Playoff release plans. 

Q4 – Special Release 2022 Content and Conference Championship moments

  • Launch Holiday/Special Release Drops based on school strategy and methodology.
  • 2022 Season Highlight releases begin (if decided) along with Bowl Game, Conference Championship specials, and Playoff release strategies.
  • Bi-Weekly meetings begin for 2023 based off continued data collection and evaluation from campaign strategists at Rare Goods and each university.
  • Final data and sales report sent to each school’s administrative board.
  • First Draft for 2023 release plan sent to school administrators, strategists, and marketing teams.