What are the key factors for a collegiate NFT marketplace to reach and sustain engagement with traditional college sports fans as opposed to specialty NFT/crypto/art collectors?

One of our main advantages is knowing the collegiate market better than anyone else. We have been in this space for years. We are a tech company that knows college sports fans and understands their loyalty, which puts us in a unique position to handle this program. We inform fans what NFTs are, how they work, and keep them engaged. Keeping it simple and convenient for the fan. Our platform is built with this in mind. Users can pay with Credit Card, Don’t need a digital wallet, and can resale the NFT all in our marketplace. Utilizing our proprietary loyalty program we will work to engage fans beyond just purchases. Fans will learn about NFT programs, the University and its marketing messages, earning NFT rewards and VIP opportunities all along the way. Our design team will create content that is not just a video clip in a box, utilizing multiple designs, creating packaging that feel more unique to each school, exploring historical moments, and milestones that all have differing levels of scarcity to keep the fans engaged at all price points. These elements combined will not only entice the majority of fans, but also cater to the more traditional collectors.