The former show struggled to move people from outside into the Casino.  This led to a decision to end one of the most iconic aspects of the Strip. 


The reimagined show will utilize loyalty, NFTs, on-site activation tech, and dynamic content to move people into the Casino.

Engaging Visitors

plan + deliverables


New TI Interactive Experience

We will develop a site that utilizes our community engagement and gamification tools to capture the broader international community of fans and enthusiasts who can participate regardless of location or affluence.


NFTs + Exclusive Digital Experiences

A complete white-label primary and secondary marketplace seamlessly integrated into one system and experience. Fans can pay to become members and also buy exclusive content, products, and NFTs.


LoyalTi, Rewards, and Marketing

We're experts in creating engagement through our activations. Our tools and techniques will create valuable new ways for TI to engage with the passionate community to drive more revenue from the platform.

An innovative enhancement to the Treasure Island Experience

For the first time ever, the outdoor show will become an interactive show for observers. Treasure Island will be able to collect data, drive engagement, and push people inside the Casino. This seamless and rewarding experience will increase loyalty and excitement around the property and its many assets. This includes many on-site improvements, a projection mapping sequence, and integrating the Rare Goods and Perk Social platforms.


Consulting, Strategy, and Platform Launch

Technology is only as good as the plan and execution behind it. We will work with you to engage the key industry stockholders to build a strategy that is sustainable, effective, and lucrative for all parties.


Development, Production, and New Show

Once we have the plan and logistics finalized, we will customize our platforms accordingly, produce the required custom content, supervise installment and testing of new technologies, including the new light show.


Management, Improvement, and Expansion

We closely monitor data and feedback from all parties to pivot as needed to achieve your ideal results. We also continue programming content to drive engagement and revenue.

Creating value

to drive revenue

The new TI ecosystem includes various verticals to capture revenue through visitors, guests, partners, and potential sponsors.

If it matters to you, we make it worthwhile for your customers

It's not a secret that it costs 10 times more to win one new customer vs keeping an existing one. In today's 'always on' world where choices are endless, we've developed turnkey platforms to put your engagement and loyalty on autopilot.

sign up for the newsletter fill out a survey book a room visit a storefront share on social media see a show refer a friend download our app submit a review purchase a product

earn 500 points get a discount code unlock exclusive content earn a reward unlock an NFT get early access be entered to win get free shipping


TI’s theme and facilities provide the perfect canvas for a modern-day treasure hunt.

61% of hotel guests say a loyalty program based on experience vs points-based rewards would be appealing.

phone device

Concept + Action = Reality

  • Consulting and planning the new interactive experiences
  • LoyalTi and NFT platform customization and launch
  • NFC, QR, and imaging systems integration
  • User experience and customer flow mapping
  • Design and conceptualization for new Pirates show
  • Tech install, hiring key personnel, stress testing


  • Content updating and design
  • System maintenance and account management
  • Reporting and analytics


the next evolution of your legendary entertainment

Projection Mapping

State of the art light projection mapping system that creates an updated, interactive, ever-evolving show and brings visitors and tourist into the Casino.

Interactive Elements

The new, one-of-a-kind show will have interactive prompts that will encourage people to participate, earn rewards, and drive people inside.

Exclusive Prizes

By engaging with the show you can potentially win exclusive NFTs, discounts toward gaming and restaurants, and much more.

Dynamic Content

The show and interactive experience will have variations that can change periodically to encourage repeat visits.


The first vertical of revenue is direct-to-consumer products and content.

The Rewards platform and integrated NFT marketplace is the most dynamic and entertaining customer engagement program available. Increase current activity with your audience and boost your organic reach 10 fold.

Exclusive and Special Events

NFTs and Rewards can earn guests special passes, event access, VIP services, pool cabannas, etc.


NFTs are a fun, tradable, sellable asset that open possibilities for everyone on the platform. As one-off earned NFTs or collections of NFTs traded for higher rewards, guests and users at home can can capitalize on their value. Whether used as art or as a commodity, users can buy and sell on the secondary market while the Casino always collects residuals with every transaction.

Discounts and Game Play

Rewards and discounts will always be available for platform members. Over time and with greater engagement, users could earn free game-play, free hotel stays, comp parking, etc.

sponsored engagements

Through your new platforms and mediums, you can drive revenue via advertisement and sponsorship.

Sponsored Activities

We can reward members and visitors with exclusive content, entries to win sweepstakes or even unlock NFTs when they engage with you or your partner's content. This is an ideal sponsorship opportunity for brands to get high engagement around their brand and content. See below for more info on these various rewardable actions.

Click Here to see the list of gamified actions we support. 

Featured Tradeshow Vendors and Promo

As brands look to have a more personalized and engaging connection to your customers, we can help create content you can charge for as a new revenue vertical. Examples include animated content, branded email features, NFTs, and more.

platform advertisement

Beyond the unique and highly customized options above, your properties will also accommodate areas for tradition digital advertising.

Dynamic Ad Placement

Many brands have a library of standard sizes and formats for digital advertisements. We can incorporate that content as a more traditional revenue vertical if a brand is looking for fast, simple activation.

Featured Content in Messaging

Brands and partners can pay to have content and features in both transactional and "newsletter" style emails and updates from your site.

Make it happen

Tech + Talent

Below is an outline of key platforms and services that combined will provide a complete managed solution for Treasure Island.

Phase 1 - Perk Social, NFT Program, Lighting Consultancy

In order to advance your existing ecosystem while adding the platform features designed to increase engagement and participation, we start with consultation, customizations of the platforms and system integration.

Phase Focus & Deliverables

Pre-Launch Initiatives:

  1. Explore potential technology shift and business initiatives.
  2. Identify Customer Segments and associated journeys
  3. Desired Behaviors and Outcomes (B&O’s)
  4. Business Objectives
  5. Partnership requirements

Key Activation Deliverables:

  • Deep discovery of the existing Company technology stack and infrastructure related to our blockchain initiatives, along with a thorough audit of dependencies and known issues/backlog items
  • We will synthesize the various stakeholder objectives related to the implementation of a NFT and blockchain initiatives. Stakeholders do include, but not limited to: internal leadership, partners, prospective customers, and potential partners.
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators and program metrics for each ecosystem stakeholder
  • Technology roadmap;  how will this initiative impact, and/or integrate with existing business initiatives, and what will be the required mechanics of a proposed transition to incorporating the platform 
  • Economic variables and constraints related to the initiative; associated costs for software and services above and beyond existing expenses in this area
  • We will design and develop one (1) Treasure Island branded NFT/Perk Social offering portal, branded in the manner that Client directs. 
  • Deliver a go-live project launch plan. Once Client delivers input on this plan and a site is created, your team has two (2) revision rounds prior to go-live. If additional changes are needed beyond the initial revisions, a potential change fee may occur or impact the launch schedule. 
  • Create a secondary marketplace for fans to buy and sell your NFTs.
  • Assist with digital wallet creation and hosting for you and your fans   
  • Manage your NFT platform for tech updates and stability, campaign strategy, and customer support 
  • Populate social media feeds and challenges
  • Create other content funnels for easy updating
  • Custom NFT e-commerce experience built around traditional payment methods
  • Custom Perk landing page with initial challenges created
  • NFT content strategy and campaign development and support
  • Optional NFT content creation to expand your total inventory with little-to-no work required from your internal team
  • Minting of NFTs
  • Fully-secure Wallet hosting for your organization linked to your existing accounts and finances
  • Definable commission structure with payments to multiple parties
  • Smart Contracts to deliver perpetual royalties back to your organization when sold on branded secondary market
  • Customizable Terms and Conditions to fit your organization’s needs and legal requirements
  • Full access to data and reporting on sales and customers.
  • Customer service for your fans in the purchase process/wallet creation
  • Secondary marketplace for fans to buy and sell NFTs.
  • We will test the site to make sure it works with modern desktop web browsers.

Design & Development of Initiative Functionality:

  • In collaboration with Company management, craft and maintain the necessary Epics and User Stories to arrive at a reliable roadmap for implementation.
  • Implement processes, policies, and procedures required to maintain Best Practices in this area.

Lighting Consultancy:

  • Assistance in project aspirations
  • Assistance in project planning and brief development
  • Assistance in the preparation of cost reports and other consultation documents.
  • Production of feasibility design reports
  • Review of site information
  • Briefing and presentation meetings with client (the number of meetings and presentations will be quantified). 
  • Design meetings with the Architect and other Consultants as considered necessary by the design team (the number of meetings and presentations will be quantified) 
  • Carrying out conceptual design studies 
  • Produce presentation materials to convey the overall design intention (excludes special renderings and computer generated images) 
  • Assistance with preparation of defined lighting budget including outline report
Deposit & Setup



MAIntenance & Strategy


monthly during phase 1

Phase 2 - Interactive Show Production & Hardware

Design, furnish, install, commission and support new interactive lighting and media installation on the existing Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Ships. The installation will be designed as an immersive media experience which will host a new, cutting-edge show, will provide interactive guest experiences and provide bespoke advertising opportunities for partners of Treasure Island.

Phase Focus & Deliverables

Key Activation Deliverables:

  • Custom Media Server and processor-based controls which will integrate all lighting elements coordinating output based on a single ‘Show” cue.
  • Project-specific software that maps digital content to all lighting elements (content developed by others)
  • Support for initial shows, including developing parameters for content and programming
  • Programming of standard non-show lighting events
  • Support for web-based or mobile interactive content (TBD)
  • Contract meetings with the Construction and Design Team as considered necessary by the design team (the number of site meetings will be quantified).
  • Review Contractors production information 
  • Resolution of site queries 
  • Final review of lighting installation and supervision of focusing of adjustable luminaries. (The number of focusing sessions will be quantified for this stage.) The Electrical Contractor will supply personnel to perform this work in compliance with the local legislation and union agreements.
  • Oversee the programming of installed control equipment where applicable. (The number of programming sessions on site will be quantified for this stage.) This will be carried out following the manufacturer’s commissioning of the Into Lighting Fee Proposal Document system and after the Contractor’s confirmation of all circuits being correctly installed, labelled, and operational.
Development & Equipment

~$3.5 - $7.5m


Phase 3 - Agency Support and Production Management

Maintaining the new ecosystem will require updating necessary content, implementing new design, account and systems management along with data and analytics reporting.

Phase Focus & Deliverables

Key Activation Deliverables:

  • Data analytics preparation 
  • Client feedback loop sessions
  • User feedback capture
  • Analytics and feedback presentation
  • Program, platform, live show adjustments made
  • Stress testing
  • Future needs/desires session
  • Project Management assignments made

Agency Support, Partnership and Production Management:

You will have access to 5+ Members of our team who will act as an internal extension of your team and initiative at a fraction of the cost to develop and hire an internal department.

Click below to expand and view our retainer-based roles and services.

  • Work with you and your staff to best understand the most important factors that determine success
  • Setting up strategies that align with the goals and policies of your organization
  • Implement processes and tactics that are not a burden on your organization
  • Develop unique and compelling ways to engage each vertical for this activation
  • Take time every month to analyze what your industry is doing
  • Look for creative opportunities to adapt campaigns in order to yield better results
  • Work with your team to determine how each campaign and initiative can yield beneficial results for your company as a whole 
  • Analyze your company’s current campaign and activations, looking for crossover opportunities with this campaign that will strategically complement your other initiatives  
  • We can help you take the next steps into web3 without getting caught up in the hype and overnight fads.
  • Development of brand-specific content styles, templates, and final NFTs.
  • Development of scalable campaigns and content
  • Marketing and promotional content creation to support NFT campaigns. 
  • A full waiver on rights and 100% ownership for the brands on any content produced for their team. 
  • All content designed will be around your brand and logo guidelines (colors, fonts, look and feel, etc.) 
  • The design team will help modify and create sharable campaign content related to the activation and initiative. 
  • The design team will also make sure the promotional and brand content on each platform is refreshed and up to date.
  • Our team will be available to provide you with graphic design support and revisions on shared royalty content. If any design or production requires an additional budget (such as videos or 3D), we will let you know and address the costs prior to creation.  
  • Introduce our core team and facilitate a project initiation meeting immediately to review and discuss roles, responsibilities, deliverables, timelines, etc.
  • Quickly develop a detailed work plan that outlines specific activities, deliverables, and timing for the launches.
  • Handle logistics for all discovery actives, including identification of participants and timing.
  • Quickly collect and digest all relevant marketing, branding, and other collateral currently created for the launch of this program.  This will include continued development of campaign strategy, reviewing additional marketing materials, and working with partners and other vendors to ensure all necessary and beneficial content is created. 
  • Interface with the client to guarantee goals and KPI’s are being met.
  • Manage deliverables and client requests with our internal team.
show MAIntenance & mgmt.



loyalty MAIntenance & Strategy



Our library of gamified actions drives value to your sponsors while offering engaging benefits to your members.

Your custom platform will leverage the following features and functionality.

Referral and Recruiting

Who better to convince new users to join than one of their friends or family members? We allow you to reward your users for recruiting other new members to the program. On average, 18% of the members in our programs were recruited by other members. 

Personalized Social Sharing

Posts shared by users reach 15-35% of their followers as opposed to brand/page posts which reach less than 5% of their followers. We allow you to create personalized social media posts (bypassing ad filters) that users earn rewards for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Custom Surveys

Ask your users anything you would like to know and they will be rewarded for completing the survey. Surveys can include images and custom question types and are an ideal way to collect product feedback, have users participate in decisions, or gather key information.

Points for Scanning

Setup custom QR codes, NFC tags, or scan an item and reward users for following the link back to the program.

  • Put in broadcast to reward viewership
  • Add to check/receipt for quick proof of purchase
  • Put NCF Tag at physical locations for tap to earn checkpoints
  • Add QR code inside packaging for easy proof of purchase

Gamify Social Media

We can connect with your Social Media feeds and give users points or rewards for viewing each post through the program. This is a great evergreen tactic where users can always earn more points by viewing your latest posts on the platform.


Test your customers’ knowledge with rewardable quizzes. These are perfect for verifying someone digested content or a secret word on a podcast or at an event. It’s a great tool for enrollment for an easy way to prove participation.

Visit a Location

Reward customers or users for visiting physical locations. Our system can either check the user’s GPS coordinates, or we can set up physical touch points where users have to tap their phone on an NFC tag to prove they were there.

View or Read Content

Add content to a post within our system and reward users when they read down to the bottom of the content.

Visit a Link or specific URL

Drive traffic to product, partner, or campaign pages by rewarding users for visiting a specific URL of your choosing. Turn it into a digital scavenger hunt by pairing it with a quiz about content on the page for additional participation.

Watch a Video

Reward users for watching a video. You can set the % required to watch before they complete the challenge, and can always follow up with a quiz question to ensure they were paying attention.

NFTs or Points for Purchasing

Keep your customers engaged beyond purchasing a product by awarding them points or NFTs.

Blockchain Proof of Purchase

With our blockchain and custom URL flow, we can quickly add blockchain certificates or proof of purchase permanently on chain. This is a great tool for verification, authenticity, and warranty guarantees.

You'll have total customer insights and analytics to help you scale your company-wide initiatives.

By incorporating social connect, we capture existing user data, then gamify and track every survey, quiz, challenge, and engagement with the system to build a robust collection of insights and data without having to impose on users. 

We Capture
  • Full Name
  • Age or Age Range
  • Gender
  • Location & Hometown
  • Profile Photos
  • Likes and Interests
  • Birthday
  • Email Address(s)
  • Actions in System
  • User Influence
  • Social Impressions
  • Segment Tags
  • System Standing
  • Shares in System
  • Post Engagement
  • Sales Conversions
  • Program Referrals
    + Plus much more

We provide the most comprehensive and actionable data in the industry

You will have full access to a complete CRM with detailed profile views and insights for every customer that participates in our programs. This data is 100% yours and we do not share it with other sources, clients or campaigns.

Your Customers, Your Data

Unlike Social Media

You have full data and insights of your customers and audience allowing you to export them and enhance your other marketing campaigns and data.


AI Product Recognition + Loyalty

We train our system to recognize your official products and reward your customers. 

Congratulations, Sally

You've earned a free gift.

See My Rewards Section for Details