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Digital Products & Services

We specialize in direct-to-consumer engagement and sales. Our offerings support various industries and complement traditional sites and systems.

Web3 Rewards

Low overhead and logistics rewards and incentives built on our NFT and Blockchain Badging system.

Dynamic Diplomas

The first blockchain-backed dynamic portfolio and degree system.

Exclusively developed with Microsoft, EY and Polygon

Digital Avatars

Fun engaging ways to personalize activations, engage consumers and drive revenue.

NFT Sales and Marketing

Brand-backed official NFT sales with primary and secondary sales revenue.

Web3 Digital Documents

Publish official records or documents, including; proof of purchase, certificates of authenticity, product registrations, batch data, and more. 

Licensed Goods Micro-marketplaces

We capture referral commissions and resale revenue by offering exclusive benefits and prices on officially licensed products from our customers. Licensees drop ship to customers directly from our orders. 

Blockchain Badges

Offer officially certified, permanent badges and credentials back by the transparency and permanence of blockchain. 


Tech, Licensing
& SaaS

Rare Goods has an ecosystem of complimentary, white-label solutions which power not only our own offerings but, increasingly the backend of others.

White-Label NFT Marketplace

A complete white-label primary and secondary marketplace seamlessly integrated into one system and experience. 

Web3 Digital Documents

Our system is available for license and custom integrations where we monetize the system and service, not the per-item output. 

Web3 Rewards CRM

Perk³ is a complete platform designed to maximize engagement, awareness, data, and giving by gamifying participation through personalized content, communications, and rewards.
We combined NFTs and Digital Badging with traditional rewards to create a low-touch, automated engagement platform. 

Dynamic Portfolio

Our blockchain-backed dynamic portfolio and degree system are available for licensing and customization. A user’s profile and portfolio evolves and update live with blockchain-backed achievements, merits, honors, and credentials. 

NFT-Gated Content & Access

Segment and unlock content and benefits based on a user’s Digital Wallet content. Coming soon. 


Services &

Our team of experts, along with our unique set of expertise, creates numerous revenue opportunities from consulting to design and production.

Web3 Technology Consulting

We’re experts in guiding brands and businesses into the web3 world with practical, phased plans. 

Engagement & Gamification Integration

We’ve built consumer engagement platforms and campaigns for over 15 years and our expertise is available via consulting services with select partners. 

Licensing and Compliance Consultation

Our team has decades of Licensed Goods and Brand protection and development experience. 

NFT Design and Integration

The design team and network at Rare Goods helps brands and companies develop content and strategy for NFT campaigns and drops. 

NIL Management and Operations

As an official partner of Universities, we provide exclusive third-party solutions for players to monetize their talents and likeness. 

Digital Wallet Management

We officially collect and convert cryptocurrency to fiat for our partners and clients who are unable to receive Cryptocurrency. 

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Dynamic Diplomas
Web3 Rewards
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Digital Wallet Services

Customers love our NFT-based Rewards Program

everyone benefits


We create content, rewards, and incentives to hook your customers.


Customers complete fun, simple actions that give them points, rewards, NFTs or discount codes.


Your customers get new benefits and rewards.

You get new data and engagement.

Our library of gamified actions drives value to you while offering fun benefits to your customers.

We offer the most versatile and valuable set of actions available. All through an easy-to-use and 100% complaint system.

Referral and Recruiting

Who better to convince new users to join than one of their friends or family members? We allow you to reward your users for recruiting other new members to the program. On average, 18% of the members in our programs were recruited by other members. 

Personalized Social Sharing

Posts shared by users reach 15-35% of their followers as opposed to brand/page posts which reach less than 5% of their followers. We allow you to create personalized social media posts (bypassing ad filters) that users earn rewards for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Custom Surveys

Ask your users anything you would like to know and they will be rewarded for completing the survey. Surveys can include images and custom question types and are an ideal way to collect product feedback, have users participate in decisions, or gather key information.

Points for Scanning

Setup custom QR codes, NFC tags, or scan an item and reward users for following the link back to the program.

  • Put in broadcast to reward viewership
  • Add to check/receipt for quick proof of purchase
  • Put NCF Tag at physical locations for tap to earn checkpoints
  • Add QR code inside packaging for easy proof of purchase

Gamify Social Media

We can connect with your Social Media feeds and give users points or rewards for viewing each post through the program. This is a great evergreen tactic where users can always earn more points by viewing your latest posts on the platform.


Test your customers’ knowledge with rewardable quizzes. These are perfect for verifying someone digested content or a secret word on a podcast or at an event. It’s a great tool for enrollment for an easy way to prove participation.

Visit a Location

Reward customers or users for visiting physical locations. Our system can either check the user’s GPS coordinates, or we can set up physical touch points where users have to tap their phone on an NFC tag to prove they were there.

View or Read Content

Add content to a post within our system and reward users when they read down to the bottom of the content.

Visit a Link or specific URL

Drive traffic to product, partner, or campaign pages by rewarding users for visiting a specific URL of your choosing. Turn it into a digital scavenger hunt by pairing it with a quiz about content on the page for additional participation.

Watch a Video

Reward users for watching a video. You can set the % required to watch before they complete the challenge, and can always follow up with a quiz question to ensure they were paying attention.

NFTs or Points for Purchasing

Keep your customers engaged beyond purchasing a product by awarding them points or NFTs.

Blockchain Proof of Purchase

With our blockchain and custom URL flow, we can quickly add blockchain certificates or proof of purchase permanently on chain. This is a great tool for verification, authenticity, and warranty guarantees.

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