Your product is amazing, but why stop there?

Our system lets your reward customers for staying connected. Continue scrolling to follow this example of a rewarding post-purchase flow.

Kick it off

Send Customers to your Rewards Program

Prompt insert in packaging with QR code to claim a bonus gift.

Rewards Enrollment

White Label Rewards

Users land on your branded, mobile-friendly site that quickly enrolls them into our rewards CRM where you gain access to their data and participation.

Your Brand Here

Create your account to claim your bonus gift, now.

Reward Accordingly

Automated Reward Engine

Now that the user has signed up, you have their information and permission to market to them, via our automated rewards engine, you can give the prize of your choosing on this first step of their loyalty flow.

Easy, Valuable Upside

Unlockable NFTs

With an NFT reward, fulfillment is entirely digital and requires no integration into your existing ecosystem. Plus, you can make revenue on NFT secondary sales via our system.

You've unlocked a limited edition NFT

There are limited quantities available. Be sure to claim yours while editions remain.


AI Product Recognition + Loyalty

We train our system to recognize your official products and reward your customers. 

Congratulations, Sally

You've earned a free gift.

See My Rewards Section for Details