Please provide an overview of your platform’s fan-facing structure.

Please provide an overview of your platform’s fan-facing structure. Will there be school specific sections? Will there be a conference specific or NCAA section?

As we have seen in the past, fans are most likely to engage and are more motivated to buy when it feels as if they are doing it from the Schools themselves. We have developed a custom branded microsite within our platform that will match the look and feel of each University.

These branded portals are already under development for a number of the schools in the conference which we are working with to help them launch original content and NFTs. By releasing these clips through these branded landing pages, we will be able to entice each fan base better and use the additional content and traffic to help elevate the exposure and value of the conference’s video content, which will live alongside the team’s content. 

Schools will also be allowed to create their own NFTs to release via our branded pages with no upfront cost. In addition to the content from the conference footage and original content from the teams, we have additional NFT content and engagement campaigns that will create even more traffic, demand, and residual exposure, lifting your content. This will in turn increase sales, demand, and success for the conference, players, and rights holders.

All approved and released content you provide will be quickly and intelligently clipped, cut, and reconfigured into sellable moments as NFTs with a spruced-up format, branding, and appeal to fans. As the site grows and the teams we work with grow, we will have a specific conference section as well as an NCAA site that will showcase all of the teams we are working with and leaderboards for users and NFT sales to help showcase.