Please provide a detailed explanation of your NFT platform’s environmental impact and gas emissions. Is your platform proof of work or proof of stake?

Rare Goods utilizes the Polygon blockchain. Polygon uses proof of stake, which has a much lower environmental impact than proof of work blockchains.

Polygon’s validators approximately consume 0.00079TWh of electricity yearly with an approximate continuous draw of 0.00009GW, orders of magnitude below the energy consumption by the major PoW blockchain networks. PoW platforms consume 35-140TWh of electricity yearly with a draw of 3-15GW hourly.

To put Polygon’s eco-friendliness in perspective, Polygon’s yearly energy consumption is equivalent to:
– Greenhouse emissions from 1,404,187 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle and CO2 emissions from 101 homes’ electricity use for one year.

It can also be reasonably predicted that with technical improvements in node technology, these numbers will be further reduced as Polygon validators will become more efficient in both validating transactions and consuming electricity accordingly. For more information, please refer to