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Rare Goods is a full-service digital marketing and NFT platform and ecosystem composed of a uniquely talented and highly curated group of individuals and businesses. Rare Goods is the result of a joint venture with a few select partner companies with whom we have collaborated for years to create a powerful and effective combination of skills and capabilities to handle every facet of NFT design, development, and management initiatives. Our combined skill set lets us proficiently maximize and complement multiple teams and releases at a large scale.

Last year alone, we helped over 120 Universities generate over $8 million in revenue by selling “non-traditional” items online. Amidst the biggest online commerce boom ever recorded, we finished 2020 ranked in the top 1% of all Shopify stores in our category. We understand how to build technology, engage fans, and drive revenue in sports. 

We have planned for the uniquely agile space that NFTs have created by assembling subject matter experts in each key facet of the NFT space. Our team includes experts in Sports Management, Digital Marketing, Crypto and Blockchain, E-Commerce, Data Security, Compliance, Gamification, Loyalty, Video Production, Financial Management, 3D Animation, and Customer Service. Each partner in our team has supported Fortune 500 Businesses, Professional Sports Teams, Major Universities, Healthcare Companies, Media Conglomerates, and even Foreign and Domestic Governments departments in our respective fields. Our collective experience in every piece of the industry will allow us to execute a successful initiative for your conferences to grow upon.