Thank you for requesting additional information on sponsorship opportunities for the official Ohio State NFT Marketplace. See below for various campaign and placement opportunities.

Elevating Brand Partners

Web3 engagement platform



Our platform utilizes our community engagement, gamification tools, and NFT platform to develop new revenue streams for the university, partners, and players.


OSU Exclusive Digital Content

A complete white-label primary and secondary marketplace along with a loyalty platform that is seamlessly integrated into one system and experience. Fans can pay to become members and also buy exclusive Ohio State NFTs.


Brands with Fans Through Content

We're experts in creating sponsorship opportunities and engagement through our activations. Our tools and techniques will create valuable new ways for brands to engage with the passionate community to drive more revenue for the platform.

Creating value

to drive revenue

Through the online ecosystem we've built specifically for Ohio State, we've designed various verticals to capture revenue through fans, members, partners, and sponsors.

gamified engagements

Our rewards platform allows you to drive action and engagement by gamifying key activities that are highly valuable for partners and brands.

Sponsored Activities

We can reward members and visitors with exclusive content, entries to win sweepstakes or even unlock NFTs when they engage with you or your partner's content. This is an ideal sponsorship opportunity for brands to get high engagement around their brand and content. See below for more info on these various rewardable actions.

Click Here to see the list of gamified actions we support. 

Featured Content

There are various ways to incorporate brand exposure through content in the systems. From marquee placement of content to featured video content and even NFTs. We will ensure brands have unique and effective ways to pay for valuable exposure.

platform Sponsorship & advertisement

Beyond the unique and highly customized options above, your properties will also accommodate areas for traditional and non-traditional digital advertising.

Dynamic Ad Placement

Many brands have a library of standard sizes and formats for digital advertisements. We can incorporate that content as a more traditional revenue vertical if a brand is looking for fast, simple activation.

Commissioned Content

As brands look to have a more personalized and engaging connection to your customers, we can help create content you can charge for as a new revenue vertical. Examples include animated content, branded email features, NFTs, and more.

Featured Content on Platform Messaging

Brands and partners can pay to have content and features in both transactional and "newsletter" style emails and updates from your site.

Permanent NFT metadata brand placement

Logos and Branded content will be permanently tied to the NFT via the Blockchain, providing limitless exposure and value. This data will follow the NFT even if it is eventually migrated to other platforms.

Branded Takeovers

Custom theme elements and page integrations that incorporate a sponsor beyond native advertising and sponsored content.

Banner Ads

Display banner advertisements in multiple dedicated locations. We support all standard Ad Specs and formats.

Sponsored NFTs

The ability to integrate a brand into various elements of the NFT. Rates and exposure can vary to match campaign goals.

Unlockable Content

Unlockable content is bonus content that can be accessed by the NFT buyer or owner. It is a great way to add value to both the NFT and Sponsor.

Gated Digital Content Access

Token-gating, memberships, ticketing, and more where the content or access is limited to only current NFT owners. Examples include early access to products or events, access to BTS content, and other benefits tied to the sponsor or brand.

BLockchain brand add-ons

Outside of NFTs and platform content, we provide a unique, brandable document system backed by the blockchain. Once something is on the blockchain, it cannot be altered or counterfeited creating permanent value and utility for sponsors.

Certificate of Authenticity

Brands can issue per-item certificates of authenticity to consumers providing official recognition and utility around a product, service, or experience. Their presence is permanently tied to this valuable document.

Proof of Purchase

As brands look to have a more personalized and engaging connection to your customers, we can help create content you can charge for as a new revenue vertical. Examples include animated content, branded email features, NFTs, and more.

Blockchain-Backed Merits or Badges

Consumers can be awarded with official achievements, merits, or status with our branded blockchain template system.

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Based on your campaign goals and budget, we will put together a custom fixed-price proposal to integrate your brand. Please contact us to secure your placement for the launch of Ohio State’s official NFT Marketplace. 

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