The Crowd Becomes The Cast

dynamic characters will drive engagement

A dynamic show with crowd engagement and data capture.

This innovative show will create a new experience for visitors on the street every night. Each fan in attendance has the opportunity to scan their face and have a chance to be inside the show. To participate in the show or earn rewards while watching is TI's opportunity for data collection and related sponsorship activity. The experience will also allow celebrities, media, and influencers to collaborate, participate and help promote the show.

Transform the Experience

Bringing the digital to life


the next evolution of your legendary entertainment

Projection Mapping

State of the art light projection mapping system that creates an updated, interactive, ever-evolving show and brings visitors and tourist into the Casino.

Interactive Elements

The new, one-of-a-kind show will have interactive prompts that will encourage people to participate, earn rewards, and drive people inside.

Pyrotechnic Elements

Water Cannons

Fog Machines

3D Surround Sound

Dynamic Lighting

360° Experience

Exclusive Prizes

By engaging with the show you can potentially win exclusive NFTs, discounts toward gaming and restaurants, and much more.

Dynamic Content

The show and interactive experience will have variations that can change periodically to encourage repeat visits.

Engaging Viewers

pre-show crowd submissions collect data and builds suspense

We will turn the viewers into customers.

This platform is not just about a show. Audience members are incentivized to participate by downloading the app for prizes, bonus material to the show, and even be inserted into the show by uploading their faces and gaining extra chances to win TI’s Treasure. This opens the door for other offers and gamification. We are gathering new users for the TI marketing team and sponsors if desired.

New Shows - Same Infrastructure

adaptable technology to extend the life of your investment

Our creative team is a group of superstars having worked on such films as Avengers: Infinity War, Game of Thrones, Captain Marvel, and Aquaman for clients such as Warner Bros, Disney, Netflix, and HBO. They've also worked closely with numerous A-list directors such as Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, and Steven Spielberg. This new TI Light Show Experience will be unlike anything the guests and visitors have ever seen.

Creating value

to drive revenue

The new TI ecosystem includes various verticals to capture revenue through visitors, guests, partners, and potential sponsors.

If it matters to you, we make it worthwhile for your customers.

It's not a secret that it costs 10 times more to win one new customer vs keeping an existing one. In today's 'always on' world where choices are endless, we've developed turnkey platforms to put your engagement and loyalty on autopilot.

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TI’s theme and facilities provide the perfect canvas for a modern-day treasure hunt.

61% of hotel guests say a loyalty program based on unlocking experiences vs a solely points-based rewards platform would be appealing.

phone device

Engaging Visitors

plan + deliverables


New TI Interactive Experience

We will develop a site that utilizes our community engagement and gamification tools to capture the broader international community of fans and enthusiasts who can participate regardless of location or affluence.


NFTs + Exclusive Digital Experiences

A complete white-label primary and secondary marketplace seamlessly integrated into one system and experience. Fans can pay to become members and also buy exclusive content, products, and NFTs.


LoyalTi, Rewards, and Marketing

We're experts in creating engagement through our activations. Our tools and techniques will create valuable new ways for TI to engage with the passionate community to drive more revenue from the platform.


AI Product Recognition + Loyalty

We train our system to recognize your official products and reward your customers. 

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