In the history of licensing and catchphrases, there has never been a more prolific and influential force than Van Brimmer. With four decades in the industry and countless contributions, Rick’s legacy is forever firm.

For 56% of his life, Rick helped revolutionize Ohio State and the Licensing industry nationally.

His relentless pursuit of excellence from Monday, June 3, 1985, to his scheduled end date of Tuesday, May 31, 2022, will be felt university-wide and reverberate in the Trademark and Licensing Hall of Fame forever.

When asked about his retirement, Van Brimmer said “I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.”

Rick's Time at Ohio State

A career starting in the Reagan Administration is one with many inevitable accomplishments. Rick’s impact was felt outside the borders of Ohio State. 

Rick is not turning the page of retirement to just sit back, relax, enjoy fine wine and choice whiskey. He’s got a growing list of activities and hobbies to dominate.


Break 83 Golfing


Meet Salma Hayek


Become more Italian


Get a Tattoo


Open his own Vineyard


Learn to play Cello


Play Drums for The Eagles


Develop Line of Spirits

Failed "Van Brimmer" line of licensed items

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