Is there a secondary market or marketplace on your platform?

Yes, the Rare Goods platform is both a primary and secondary marketplace.

We focused on designing a seamless NFT experience by allowing users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs directly in our marketplace from your Universities directly, or other users on the same site. Users can then sell their acquired NFTs to other users on the secondary marketplace using direct sale and auction methods. 

After a holding period for AML and fraud prevention, users can request a payout of their secondary sale earnings processed through Circle, our payment processing provider.

Native Secondary Market

Users can buy from you and resell on the same platform with no need to list on another marketplace.

No Digital Wallet Needed

Customers do not need a digital wallet to buy, sell, and trade across our platforms.

Easy For Any Age to Participate

Your customers don’t need any crypto experience to use our platform and markets.

Users get paid in $USD not Crypto

Customers can pay with a major credit card and cash out earnings directly to their bank account.