How can your NFT technology create new points of engagement for fans watching a game, both in-venue and on television?

Engagement is what we do best!

Built into our platform is our fan engagement technology, Perk Social. Our platform allows you to easily reward your customers with NFTs for the participation of any kind. We make it easy to create rewardable digital, social and experiential moments to keep your customers engaged.

We can help you enhance and gamify your games and events. From targeting ads and push notifications to existing customers, and QR codes in-game and during broadcasts will allow for fun new access to NFTs for in-arena and at-home. 

Here is how our company has kept millions of fans connected to their teams for over 15 years.


Getting users to connect with key campaigns
We've built innovative solutions to minimize the time and effort it takes customers to connect with our client's technology


Keeping users engaged with your brands
We build simple and fun ways to connect users with the brands ongoing social and digital content or campaigns


Achieving Growth
From social engagement and awareness to sales and lead generations, our platform generates measurable ROI and results


Making it worth while
Perk Social creates rewardable moments that incentivize and benefit the customers or fans for taking time to connect, engage and convert with the brand

Enhance your live events with our tools that allow you to have virtual airdrops, unlockable bonus content, and purchase bonuses as NFTs.

We help you create thousands of NFTs at your key events that can be an exclusive bonus for attending. This is also great for student events, graduations, day of giving, and more. 

Giveaways and Sweepstakes. We plan to utilize QR codes in-game and during broadcasts to allow for access to NFTs for both in-arena and at-home viewing. 

Metaverse: We are creating a Metaverse for all of College. A place where fans can interact with each other inside this world. As this technology evolves fans could chat with each other during a game, interact at a game watch party, or even be inside the stadium watching the game.