How are assets secured from copying? Unauthorized distribution?

NFTs are stored on a public blockchain, so they could be viewed and “copied”, but not replicated. The Rare Goods platform is a closed ecosystem, so unauthorized assets would not be able to enter the platform without admin approval. Rare Goods also deploys an NFT contract with a designated collection name for each organization from the Rare Goods factory contract, so users can easily see the NFT belonging to this collection which has been authorized by the organization.

NFTs are managed and monitored completely within the Rare Goods system. Ownership is assigned only to registered, KYC-approved users. Each organization hosted on the Rare Goods platform has the ability to add terms and conditions to each individual NFT they create, as well as add the terms and conditions for their platform/brand to their website. In addition, Rare Goods hosts its own terms and conditions on the platform to further prevent unauthorized use of the platform.