If it matters to you, we make it worthwhile for your customers

It’s not a secret that it costs 10 times more to win one new customer vs keeping an existing one. In today’s ‘always on’ world where choices are endless, we’ve developed turnkey platforms to put your engagement and loyalty on autopilot.

sign up for the newsletter
fill out a survey
book a room
visit a storefront
share on social media
see a show
refer a friend
download our app
submit a review
purchase a product

earn 500 points
get a discount code
unlock exclusive content
earn a reward
unlock an NFT
get early access
be entered to win
get free shipping

User Journey

We engage and reward your customers at every step of their brand journey with you

view our interactive example below

Exclusive NFTs
Gift Card Credit
Exclusive Offer
A Free Gift
Scan text icon
Transfer wallet icon
Megaphone share icon
Bag lunch icon
Cosmetics stick icon
Chat bubble talking
Pie chart icon
Profile page user avatar icon
Shopping basket 3-D icon
Checkbox icon
Machine icon
Free Shipping on Next Order
Credit card icon
Discounted Products
Shopping bag number to icon
Shoe icon
Shopping cart girl push icon
Special Sale Items
Loyalty Credit
Wallet icon
24 seven icon
Clock icon
Truck icon
Percentage icon flat
Shopping bag icon
Receipt bill icon
Storefront store icon
Shopping basket icon
Cash Back
Discount on Next Purchase
Discount tag icon
Receipt icon
Penn icon
Shopping cart mobile icon
Money sign fly icon
Security badge check icon
Thumbs up to icon
Shirt icon
Question bubble icon
Download box icon
Standing star icon
Early Access to New Products
Binder portfolio icon
Mouse computer icon
Glasses icon
Headphones icon
Note icon
Magnifying glass icon
Any Reward You Want
Formula beaker lab icon
Calculator icon
Protractor icon right angle angle icon
Pencil icon
Book icon_1
Books number to icon
Gear icon
Notepad to icon
Ruler icon
Books a coin
Document letter icon
Folder of items icon
Stack of papers icon
Brochure paper report icon
Notepad icon
VR space virtual reality headset icon
Lightbulb icon
A paper winning ribbon Icon
Puzzle piece icon
Apple icon
Physics book icon
Graduation cap icon
Smiling level app icon
Video challenge window icon
University institution building icon
Badge ribbon achievement icon
File in folder icon
Diploma icon
Teaching ABC presentation icon
Female graduate icon
Use your comment silly tongue out
Level up upstairs icon
Brain icon
3D box icon
Reports documents icon
Laptop icon
Book icon
Smiling icon icon
Laughing icon
Hang up phone
Avatar communication
Male graduate icon
RSS feed
User dialogueUser dialogue
User like icon
Chatting icon
Mail at icon too number to
Chat Circle bubble icon
At cell phone check icon
RSS feed icon
Use your comment happy icon
likes laptop icon
POUND space icon
Number icon
Disco ball icon
Leave a review icon star
Text messaging icon
Video camera icon
Male chatting icon
WebCam icon
Mail icon
Heart like bubble icon
Conference call icon
User avatar standing icon
User avatar flat icon
Chat bubble icon
Network router icon
Cloud chat video icon
Phone call icon
Open mail icon
Group Network icon
Female customer support icon
Share icon
Inbox icon download father
Thumbs up icon
Thumbs down icon
Star icon
Location pin icon
User chatting icon
Paper plane send mail icon
Laptop chat icon


Sally checks into the hotel and sees an introduction on the room key jacket for the new rewards program.

We make it easy for your customers to sign up for the rewards program via QR codes or NFC tags. She could have also received an invitation with her hotel booking prior to arrival via email confirmation.

Customer Benefits


  • Customer joins and immediately earns points and/or rewards
  • Free to join and simple to sign up in less than 30 seconds.
Your Benefits
  • Data on when and where your customer enrolled and which campaign converted them to join.
  • A new customer in your database with full marketing permissions and key contact and personal data.


Upon joining, Sally completes an experience questioneer earning her a bonus NFT-backed Gift.

We prompt customers to get a personalized experience by telling us about their preferences or favorite activities. This allows you to suggest content, experiences, or products based on what the customer has expressed interest in.
This data can be used to create customer segments for offer targeting and engagement within the program our your other platforms.

Customer Benefits


  • Huge earning opportunity as they add to their account profile
  • For this initial challenge we like to reward customers with an instant win of a coupon or free NFT
Your Benefits
  • Significant data point capture that you can customize
  • Demographic and customer affinity data

Welcome, Sally

Tell us what you would like to experience during your stay, and we will show you personalized offers, recommendations, and rewards.

Select your ideal experiences

Click submit above to preview her reward


Sally sees that visiting the Hotel Spa welcome desk earns her 5 points and a discount if she books a massage on this trip.

Opening the program reveals loads of pre-programmed actions and content that gamifies exploring your Casino. Customers might see a Check-In Challenge that encourages them to visit a specific location, tap to earn with a QR code or NFC tag, earning them an instant benefit or reward.

Customer Benefits


  • A fun Challenge that gets them moving around your Casino and Hotel
  • Points, a reward, or a coupon to book an event or service
Your Benefits
  • People visiting a service or area you want to see more foot traffic
  • Customers who now have details about services or events they might not have if not prompted
  • Data on what discounts entice people to book a spa treatment (or service) who haven’t booked one before
spa-reception-mockup checkin casino
Check-in NFC Tag at counter
Check-in NFC Tag at counter


While waiting for her spa treatment, Sally watches a video about the new Magician show at the Casino for 5 points.

Video Challenges give you the opportunity to capture a guest’s undivided attention for a couple of minutes. No other platform, program, or club tracks this kind of experience.

Customer Benefits


  • Points that get them closer to rewards or sweepstakes entries
  • Progress to the next level of membership that requires a set number of points to achieve
Your Benefits
  • Captive audience to advertise any service or event or announcement you may have
  • A guarantee that the video has been viewed over and above general marketing and advertising that may or may not be seen around town

Tonight’s Show

You’ve Unlocked

25% off Show Tickets

Claim Now

Hours Minutes Seconds

At the blackjack table Sally is extended a tap-to-earn icon from the dealer after she plays her first hand. She earns 10 points and a coupon for the Ice Cream Shop.

A Check-In Challenge that is in conjunction with an activity people were already excited to participate in lifts the atmosphere and gives guests an instant good feeling. Nothing is better than a gift you weren’t expecting.

Customer Benefits


  • Points that get them access to more rewards or entries into sweepstakes
  • Progress to the next level of membership that requires a set number of points to achieve
  • An instant win of points, NFT, or reward even if they don’t make any money at the table
Your Benefits
  • Information on where your guests are stopping to play and gamble
  • Data points on what individual guests are truly interested in.
  • Data that influences your advertising content in order to curate based on guest’s interests
  • Opportunity to drive traffic to gambling areas in the Casino you’d like to highlight


When finished with dinner at the newest Casino restaurant, Sally notices the check presenter has a tap-to-earn icon. She earns 5 points.

Check-In Challenges associated with food or fun activities only drive people to keep opening up their app. Guests feel that all their activities are working to their benefit in your Casino.

Customer Benefits


  • Points or coupons that go toward their next stop at the restaurant
  • A benefit after they have just spent money in your restaurant
Your Benefits
  • Data on where specific guests frequent and what they buy
  • Opportunity to drive them back to your restaurant with coupons or discounts


Sally is by the pool and shares on her social media the Casino’s latest comedy line-up. This earns her 10 points and unlocks a “Free Poolside Cocktail.”

Share Challenges are a great way to convey information and connect with the customers sphere of influence. Posts are created on behalf of the customer that they share. This bypasses advertisement filters on media platforms. Automated emails can be sent after challenges are completed.

Customer Benefits


  • Huge earning opportunity as they share about your brand or event
  • Unlock special NFT or video message exclusively for Program members who completed the Share Challenge
Your Benefits
  • Larger organic reach for your brand
  • Direct advertising to consumers who share affinities with program member having spent ZERO marketing dollars
  • A customer who feels special for participating in your loyalty and rewards program

Thanks for Sharing

Free Pool Side Cocktail

Added to your rewards

You’ve Unlocked

Show to your waiter to redeem off your current tab.

View Barcode


Two weeks after her visit, Sally receives a stay survey. Upon completion, she receives 5 points and unlocks a coupon for her next visit.

Survey Challenges or Quiz Challenges are a fun way to gather information from your customers and guests. Challenges extend beyond being on-site at the Casino, keeping your brand in their mind all year. You get all the associated data.

Customer Benefits


  • Fun way to earn points on their way to rewards and entries into sweepstakes
  • Way to give feedback and feel like a participant and partner in the life of the Casino
  • Coupons or access to exclusive events are great for customers and guest
Your Benefits
  • Fantastic data points for your marketing team
  • A customer who feels more connected to your brand and Casino
  • Customers who become “bought in” to your brand and are pulled back to your property

VIP Discount on Next Visit

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35% off 3-Day Stay

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Actionable Data

You’ll have total customer insights and analytics to help you scale your company-wide initiatives.

By incorporating social connect, we capture existing user data, then track every survey, quiz, challenge, and engagement with the system to build a robust collection of insights and data without having to impose on users. 

  • Full Name
  • Age or Age Range
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Location & Hometown
  • Profile Photos
  • Likes and Interests
  • Birthday
  • Email Address(s)
  • Actions in System
  • User Influence
  • Social Impressions
  • Segment Tags
  • System Standing
  • Shares in System
  • Post Engagement
  • Sales Conversions
  • Program Referrals
  • + Custom Insights

Our library of gamified actions drives value to you while offering fun benefits to your customers.

We offer the most versatile and valuable set of actions available. All through an easy-to-use and 100% compliant system.

  • You tell us where you want engagement and traffic
  • We setup our system to gamify and reward your objectives
  • Your Customer Engagement goes on autopilot while you collect data and results.

Referral and Recruiting

Who better to convince new users to join than one of their friends or family members? We allow you to reward your users for recruiting other new members to the program. On average, 18% of the members in our programs were recruited by other members. 

Personalized Social Sharing

Posts shared by users reach 15-35% of their followers as opposed to brand/page posts which reach less than 5% of their followers. We allow you to create personalized social media posts (bypassing ad filters) that users earn rewards for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Custom Surveys

Ask your users anything you would like to know and they will be rewarded for completing the survey. Surveys can include images and custom question types and are an ideal way to collect product feedback, have users participate in decisions, or gather key information.

Points for Scanning

Setup custom QR codes, NFC tags, or scan an item and reward users for following the link back to the program.

  • Put in broadcast to reward viewership
  • Add to check/receipt for quick proof of purchase
  • Put NCF Tag at physical locations for tap to earn checkpoints
  • Add QR code inside packaging for easy proof of purchase

Gamify Social Media

We can connect with your Social Media feeds and give users points or rewards for viewing each post through the program. This is a great evergreen tactic where users can always earn more points by viewing your latest posts on the platform.


Test your customers’ knowledge with rewardable quizzes. These are perfect for verifying someone digested content or a secret word on a podcast or at an event. It’s a great tool for enrollment for an easy way to prove participation.

Visit a Location

Reward customers or users for visiting physical locations. Our system can either check the user’s GPS coordinates, or we can set up physical touch points where users have to tap their phone on an NFC tag to prove they were there.

View or Read Content

Add content to a post within our system and reward users when they read down to the bottom of the content.

Visit a Link or specific URL

Drive traffic to product, partner, or campaign pages by rewarding users for visiting a specific URL of your choosing. Turn it into a digital scavenger hunt by pairing it with a quiz about content on the page for additional participation.

Watch a Video

Reward users for watching a video. You can set the % required to watch before they complete the challenge, and can always follow up with a quiz question to ensure they were paying attention.

NFTs or Points for Purchasing

Keep your customers engaged beyond purchasing a product by awarding them points or NFTs.

Blockchain Proof of Purchase

With our blockchain and custom URL flow, we can quickly add blockchain certificates or proof of purchase permanently on chain. This is a great tool for verification, authenticity, and warranty guarantees.



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AI Product Recognition + Loyalty

We train our system to recognize your official products and reward your customers. 

Congratulations, Sally

You've earned a free gift.

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